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We provide top quality POS equipment, logistics and service for the biggest names in the hospitality & retail sector.

Welcome to Kalex Equipment Services

Kalex Equipment Services is a full service provider, and reseller of new and legacy IT equipment to the Canadian retail sector.  Kalex’s principles have been providing technology solutions to North American retailers since 1980.  At its inception, Kalex provided quality aftermarket and refurbished equipment and legacy parts to a wide range of national accounts.

As the process of procuring Point of Sale and ancillary systems has evolved from purchasing proprietary systems from a single vendor to purchasing through multiple hardware and software vendors, Kalex has developed the methodology and procedures to ensure successful integration and implementation. From procurement through to post installation maintenance, our mission is to help our clients maximize value across the entire system lifecycle and minimize the overall costs of ownership.

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Our capabilities include:

  • World class integration techniques;
  • Geographical coverage across Canada;
  • Experience in all sectors of retail systems deployment;
  • Subject matter experts in cabling, engineering, product support, roll-out planning and delivery;
  • Logistics and inventory specialists;
  • Flexibility to deploy project staff within client premises to ensure smooth operations;
  • Our asset management services include procurement and fulfillment of new and legacy equipment, life cycle management, disposal, e-waste and resell evaluation; and
  • A recognized reseller and an authorized service provider for HP, IBM and Toshiba POS hardware.

Kalex Equipment Services
1399 Kennedy Road – Unit 9
Toronto, Ontario M1P 2L6

Our Nationwide Network

Kalex’s Head Office is located in Toronto, Ontario.  We have 115 technicians across Canada to facilitate same day coverage nationally.  Kalex maintains a state of the art and fully staffed Staging Facility and Repair Area to accommodate large volumes.  We have 25,000+ square feet of secure warehouse space for storage of new inventory and service parts.  We use the industry leading Microsoft Dynamic GP as our Enterprise System to manage all inventory and service dispatch escalations.

Map of Kalex’s Existing Nationwide Network

Today, Kalex services over 6,000 active locations across Canada, provides POS equipment and IT support services to some of the largest companies in the Canadian retail, healthcare and hospitality industry.  Kalex leveraged Canada’s largest parts inventory to provide break fix, and deployment services to the Canadian retail marketplace.  We provide tailored service solutions, to meet retailer objectives and maximize the value proposition to our clients.